From 6 Months

I am ready to start my balanced diet.

"Did you know that I can join you at the table and I can even manage large pieces of stick shaped?"

Eggy Bread (serves 1 adult and 1 baby) 

2 eggs

a little milk

4 slices of bread

unsalted oil or butter

Beat eggs and milk together in a bowl, dip the bread into the mix both sides.  Heat oil or butter in a frying pan on a medium heat.  cook the bread on both sides until a golden brown.  Cut into slices that are easy enough for young babies to manage


Try adding ready-to-eat raisins or sultanas to your breakfast for a different texture and taste.



Most cereals are not suitable for babies and young children due to salt, sugar or being high in fibre, so always read the ingredients label. 

Breakfast Ideas.....

Fresh Fruit

Served whole or sliced

Ideal served with a yougart 

Porridge Fingers (serves 1 adult and 1 baby)

3 level tbsp porridge oats

3 tbsp milk

Soak the oats and milk together in a bowl until mushy.  Press the mixture flat into a small flat bottomed dish.  Cook for 2 minutes in the microwave, then cut into finger shapes and serve when cooled down.