'We are ready' has some baby-led weaning and healthy eating advice from 6 months along with some easy to make meals for your little ones......

Have a balanced diet 

Give us a balanced diet

Your baby is ready to start weaning when......

They can sit at the table steadily in a highchair and use their own hands freely.

Simply put the food in front of your baby an let them pick it up themselves, rather than feeding it to them or taking it from your hand into theirs.  This is enabling them to make their own decision.

Start with foods that are easy to pick up - thick sticks or long strips are best at first.  Introduce new shapes and textures gradually so that your baby can work out how to handle them.

Include your baby in your mealtimes whenever you can.  As far as possible - as long as it’s suitable - offer your baby the same food as you are eating, so that they can copy you.

Choose times when your baby is not tired or over hungry, so they are able to concentrate. 

Mealtimes at this stage are for play and learning -they will still be getting all her nourishment from their milk feeds.

Carry on offering breast or formula feeds as before - this is still your baby’s main source of nutrition until they reach one year old.  When your baby needs less they will reduce feeds themself.

Always remember to offer your baby water with their meals so they can drink if they needs to.

Don’t hurry your baby or distract them while they are handling food - allow them to concentrate and take their time.

Don’t put food into your baby’s mouth or try to persuade them to eat more than they want.


Eating with your baby at the table and all at the same time is an enjoyable, stress free experience for you and your baby.  You will find that if your baby is eating the same things and at the same time as the rest of the family will encourage your baby to try anything and will enjoy good nutritional food as they grow up.

All our recipes are made with natural, fresh ingredients that you can source locally.